Learning Germlish

I graduated from my Master’s program exactly one week ago. A Master’s degree. It sounds pretty official, right? Being a Master of Music technically implies that I’ve mastered my field to a considerable degree – and don’t get me wrong, I feel like I’ve learned loooooots in my six years of undergrad and grad school (thanks, professors, you rock!) – but I feel like I’m just scraping the surface of all there is to know about classical music. What an exciting thought —- what a terrifying thought.

My reason for starting this blog stems from my unsuppressible need to plan everything. I’m a planner. I plan, plan, plan every last detail of my life, and I love it. It’s where I’m most comfortable, that territory in which I’m in control. But, evidently, life after graduate school as a music student isn’t always controllable. Again, how exciting — how terrifying.

Last year, I went on a summer opera program to Germany, and I absolutely fell in love. History, culture, music; everything’s right there, and the area became kind of like my little addiction. Not to mention I met the love of my life (I mean an actual person, not a country, thank you), a violist in the orchestra we worked with, and he and I have been doing the long-distance thing for almost a year… and we’re just ready to be together.

SO — I’m spending my evenings studying German, I’m working on opera arias and German Lieder, I’m doing my best to secure some plans for the coming year — I’m trying to be prepared as possible for my move to Germany this August. I’m taking a little prelim kind of trip in June to be with my sweet Geliebte, and we’re performing in some chamber concerts together — but after that, it’s all up in the air! Exciting, right…? Terrifying…?

In truth, I’m thrilled. I really can’t wait. This blog is just my way of keeping track of the process… And, yes, I’m super excited about it. Letting go of *extreme planning* and taking these kinds of risks is a bit difficult for me, but maybe that’s a part of being a twenty-something in general… Sometimes we just don’t know what lies ahead. And maybe that’s okay.

So here I am, learning ‘Germlish’ (hybrid between German and English; a.k.a. my specialty), crossing my fingers and praying for the best! So here goes…