TOMORROW is the day!

I’m finally leaving tomorrow for my three-week visit to Germany! Over the past 11 months that Jacco and I have been together, we’ve had a collective 12 weeks of literal time together — it’s hard to believe. A year ago, I had absolutely no idea that my future would include an amazing relationship separated by 4,000 miles and almost totally dependent on Skype for communication (I know, right? No offense, Skype, but pull it together…). I’d be lying if I said long-distance is ideal — but when it’s the only option, you just make it work — and we have certainly made it work! (“Work” being the key word here… our kind of relationship requires a lot of work from both ends.) Now that we’ve made it this far, it seems all our effort is paying off. Finally.

(Jacco and me at the top of the Empire State Building last August)

I met Jacco in a rehearsal and have never been as appreciative of rehearsing as I was on that day.

Well —- I was done packing by 6 pm today (I can’t believe it), so I guess I’m getting more efficient at the whole packing process! I was somehow able to fit 14 dresses, 15 tops, 5 pairs of pants, 4 pairs of shorts, 4 jackets, 7 pairs of shoes, 2 formal gowns for concerts, and 3 winter coats (to leave there for when I come back) in addition to all my sheet music, toiletries, electronics, etc., into one normal-sized suitcase and a carry-on… and I still met my airline’s weight requirements! I happily attribute all the unnecessary clothing to a packing trick I learned from my mom — I fold the clothes and seal them in a gallon-sized Ziplock, and it saves so much space! Thanks, mom!

Piece of cake)

Auf wiedersehen, USA! Bis bald


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