Days 4-9

I’m sitting at Café Momo in Freiberg and sipping a hot green tea in 90 degree weather — I think it’s safe to say I’m acclimating quickly. Despite the heat, the weather is nice underneath the umbrella here on the terrace, since there’s a really constant, calm breeze keeping me from sweating bullets all over myself and the patio furniture. It’s a really nice day, actually. I came here with Jacco for his Der Rosenkavalier rehearsals this morning & afternoon, and I thought I’d write about the past few days since I have a little free time!

Thursday, Jacco’s parents, brother, and sister-in-law came to visit for the weekend, and we had dinner together at the café where Jacco and I ate on Tuesday. The thing I love about German restaurants is that they’re generally quiet — no loud music squealing your eardrums out or people screaming at each other. The meals are much more relaxed, which I love, and the service is pleasant but slow-paced in comparison to American restaurants. After ordering drinks, the main course, and after-dinner drinks, we were there for about three hours — I can picture my brothers squirming in their seats, ready to get the hell out of Dodge, but I think a long meal can mean a better way to eat. Taking time to enjoy the food — what a concept!

Our first concert was on Friday at Schloss Bieberstein, a castle a half-hour from Dresden. The hall where we performed was really like singing in a bathroom. The acoustics were amazing! The sound really spun (not to mention that the room was very forgiving of minor mistakes!). The audience was very receptive, and my Master’s program teacher even came (she’s hosting a summer program for American students in Freiberg — the same one I came to last summer)!


Saturday was a shopping day since many stores closed this weekend for Pentecost. Jacco and I had another delicious dinner with his family, this time at an Italian restaurant. We made it to bed relatively early in preparation for our concert on Sunday. This time, we were on the mainstage at Theater Freiberg — the space was much different than Bieberstein’s, of course, but it was fun to sing on that stage!

DSC_2689 13x18


Monday was a day off —- praise. Jacco’s brother and sister-in-law left Dresden Sunday, so Jacco, his parents, and I spent the day sightseeing. We went to the Deutsches Hygiene-Museum, which on first glance looks like a museum about bathing or something, but it’s actually a museum about humanity in general and how the body works. During the second World War, the museum acted as a supporter and curator of Nazi propaganda, but has obviously since been remade to serve a better purpose. My favorite part of the museum was a big exhibit on dance. They displayed pictures and videos of innovative people in the dance world — even names like Josephine Baker and Madonna (both of who liked to dance with their boobs out. I’m not sure what the significance of this is, if there is one, but I guess dancing boobs out is innovation in itself sometimes). The museum had Just Dance set up on a Wii, so I did a little dancing myself (to Jennifer Lopez, obviously). Jacco recorded it on his phone — I look less like J-Lo when I dance than I thought. Bummer. After the museum, we walked around the big park in Dresden, took pictures at a castle we don’t know the name of, and finished the day with dinner at a Tex Mex place where the waitresses wore cowgirl hats and flannel shirts (Amurrika!)


That brings me to today, just after 15:00, sitting at Momo with my tea. More updates soon!


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