Minted Artists & Designers (Quality comes of Love)

Love love love this post —- don’t mind if I do use some of these pictures for inspiration while I decorate my new place!

Minted Art, BeautifulHelloBlog.comLET’S MEET THE  ARTISTS & DESIGNERS OF MINTEDMinted Art, BeautifulHelloBlog.comMinted Art,

Hello everyone!

I have been thinking about love recently  (cute, I know), but not really your typical mushy-love but the kind of love that drives you to do hard things – and to like it.  You know, passion.  Sometimes it’s less about what you do and more about how you do it.
…And loving what you do spills over into how you do it. Quality comes of love.

It’s a cool thing when you meet someone (or a group of someones) that have this love, this passion, in their souls.   It’s contagious and exciting and you always come away from these encounters a little richer and having learned something golden.

So you know how I have been working with Minted to bring a small collection of limited edition art prints to their collection?  Well, I’m not alone!  Minted has such an amazing group of highly skilled artists and designers in it’s…

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