Home, Sweet Home

After a month’s delay… I’m finally back in Germany! It’s crazy how quickly plans can change and how much flexibility is necessary just to stay on track… life is a funny thing. I spent a little more time in the U.S. this summer than I had planned, but extra time with friends and family was much appreciated… and needed! And now, I’m back in Dresden, enjoying a cup of tea with my handsome boyfriend and musing about how things always seem to turn out just right.

Through a pretty thick haze of jetlag, I also feel a little homesickness settling in, though I’ve been looking forward to being here since the prospect of moving to Germany first popped in my head. Saying, “I’m home” here in Germany feels more and more natural every day, which leaves me convinced that home can easily be more than one place for some people. Today, I’ve felt homesick for the house I grew up in, the same house I stayed in almost all summer this year; for my undergrad friends and classrooms and campus; and for the school and city where I did my graduate studies. At the same time, I was so ready to finally be at my Dresden home while I was traveling 28 hours to be here, and I’m sure I’ll be homesick when I leave again. As a current continent-hopper, I’m actually getting pretty used to homesickness as being my emotional norm.

I don’t see this as a negative thing. I have this exciting, gezellig (MY NEW DUTCH WORD! Meaning: cozy, fuzzy, warm) feeling when I realize I’m lucky enough to have several wonderful places where I feel at home and can share time with people I love. So, in the midst of all of Jacco’s and my planning for the coming months… it’s really good to be home.


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