It’s the little things…

So today, my German tutor gave me a new vocabulary word:


And she taught it to me as kind of a joke, but what struck me is that this word is actually NOT a joke and that it really, truly exists in the deutsche Sprache — I mean, this is 43 characters worth of words that could have made a perfectly good sentence, but for some reason unknown to this Amerikanerin, they grace the German dictionary with their presence as one impossibly syllabic word.

I don’t know whether to be impressed, intimidated, or both.

Anyway, the word means something like “a letter to notify you about upcoming construction in your neighborhood and the resulting road blocks and how you can get around them.”
(….actually, after typing all that, I have to admit that the German version is more efficient… so, ich verstehe…)

My praise report is that every day, my German language skills are steadily improving, and I’m able to get around pretty independently these days via the tram and intercity train systems, and I went to the German movie theater and watched a German movie and wasn’t totally lost! Wooo! It’s the little things…

But really — I’m happy, and things are coming together. I’m really enjoying taking voice lessons with my wonderful teacher here in Germany, learning new music, and preparing for the coming months. I’m excited to see what the future holds. Ich freue mich 🙂


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