Poem Time with Me

I have now been here for six weeks this fall, and time has gone by so quickly I can hardly believe it. So today, since I had an extremely stressful morning (the lady in the apartment above me flooded her floors, so of course the water dripped down into our apartment and shut off all our power — one thing I definitely haven’t learned in my German lessons is how to explain things to an electrician), I’ve been thinking LOTS about how much I still need to learn in order to really grasp the German language. Most importantly, though, I’ve realized how far I’ve come with my language skills since I first came here last summer. So, I wrote this terrible poem today in remembrance of the me who absolutely could not do really basic things like order German food (thankfully, I’ve moved past that awful part of my past). Here it is:

Schnitzel schnitzel sauerkraut
Wiener please with mustard
I’d really like that Apfelsaft
But now I’m feeling flustered.

See, the food here’s really yummy
And I’d really like to taste it —
But when you can’t speak German,
It’s like all of it is wasted!!

So I’ll keep on looking longingly
At this lovely Deutsch essen
And then I’ll learn to order,
‘Cause now I’ve learned my lesson.

So there’s that — yeah, today has been nuts.


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