Exciting Days Ahead

I’ve missed you, WordPress! I’m coming back from a long hiatus energized and excited for the coming weeks.

Since my last post, our company has given over 150 performances of The Marriage of Figaro (I can now confirm that Mozart’s music truly never gets old), I’ve grown very accustomed to life here in Vienna, and I’ve even taken a two-week trip back to the States to see my brother get married to the girl of his dreams.

Life is good.

The next exciting venture comes next week, when the cast relocates to new apartments in the city center. We’ll be closer to our venue, right around the corner from the famous open-air Naschmarkt, and in very close proximity to some of my favorite Viennese locations.

Performances are still chugging along at about 6 shows per week these days. Having a new audience every night helps keep things interesting and alive, and I try to find something new to highlight in my character every night. Things are busy, sometimes downright hectic… but I prefer busy over boring any day.

So, here’s to approximately ten more weeks in this year’s season. I’ll drink to that. Prost!